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Part # CB125 Cable
Our exclusive 5-pin to 4-pin conversion cable. We are the only company that makes this with the 5th pin mirror/un-mirror activation jumper. It allows you to trigger the mirror function on older 5-pin systems.


Standard Camera Extension Cables all are 4-pin Aviation and have a waterproof rubber boot to cover the connection.

All Verity Camera systems use either the "S"/"J" (Female/Female) or "C" (Female/Male).  These cables are not exclusive to the "J" & "C" systems.

S & J-Series Camera Extension Cables
4-Pin female/female

CB011:     1 meter (  3’) 4-pin camera cable
CB006:     5 meter (15’) 4-pin camera cable
CB012:   10 meter (33’) 4-pin camera cable
CB018:   15 meter (49’) 4-pin camera cable

CB021:   20 meter (65’) 4-pin camera cable

 (*special order/custom sizes available)

J-Series Monitor Harness

CB400J: Replacement Monitor to Camera Cable Harness

C-Series Camera Extension Cables
4-Pin male/female

CB001:     1 meter (  3’) 4-pin camera cable
CB005:     5 meter (15’) 4-pin camera cable
CB010:   10 meter (33’) 4-pin camera cable
CB015:   15 meter (49’) 4-pin camera cable

CB020:   20 meter (65’) 4-pin camera cable

 (*special order/custom sizes available)

C-Series Monitor Harness

CB400C: Replacement Monitor to Camera Cable Harness


CB007:  13-pin Male to Female, 5m Camera Cable (monitor extension for Semis)

CB101:  BNC (video) RCA (audio) Barrel (power) to 4-pin camera cable 1m.

CB201:  BNC to 4-pin camera cable 20m.

Often used to tie into fire/rescue head units

CB111:  4-pin female camera cable/RCA male

CB116: 4-pin male to 2 RCA female camera converter cable with power.

CB117:  Y- Splitter Cable
1 male 4-pin / 2 female 4-pin

CB118:  Y- Splitter Cable
1 female 4-pin / 2 male 4-pin

CB119:   6" (15cm) 4-pin male to 4-pin male conversion cable

CB121:  (1) set of Male & Female 5.5 x 2.1mm                  DC Power Socket Jack Plug                                Connector, 12V EF

CB124:   6" 4-pin female to 4-pin female conversion cable


Does Verity make specialty cables to meet my OEM needs?


Trailer Kits For RV and Semis

Check out Reveal for more information and options.

CBK202:   Coil Cable Kit Complete 3-Camera

Visit REVEAL for more information and truck layouts

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