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Verity Rear Vision Systems is a corporation owned by Beth Ann and Bill Verity with over 25 years'​ experience in this industry. We differentiate our company from all others by delivering above and beyond for our customers.  We are an OEM/Fleet integrator.


We strive to produce products engineered for each OEM that meet and exceed their clients'​ specifications.  We have a 25-year track record of timely delivery.


Our product failure rate is the lowest in the industry, giving us a 99.87% success rate. We personally deal with any end-user issues promptly so that you do not have to. Included with the shipment of our products are clear instructions to guarantee a smooth installation and reduce installation times.


We source high quality materials and components for our products which allow our backup camera systems to outlive the trucks they are installed on. Components are interchangeable with our competitors’ products. Verity products are designed to meet or exceed current and future Federal regulations. New technologies are currently under development for the Final-Mile, Fire & Rescue, Bus & Cargo, and RV industries.


We look forward to taking your call and answering any questions you might have about how we can serve you.

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Beth Ann Verity fosters a team approach which highlights individual and collective strengths.  She believes employees will be happier and more productive when working at what they do best.  She uses her 30 years of management in manufacturing, distribution, and finance to lead the Operations of Verity.  This allows Bill Verity the freedom to follow his passion with the technical side. On time, correct deliveries of the highest quality products are the priority.  Verity will not sell what we cannot defend in court.  Verity has been certified by the State of Indiana as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise since 2017.

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Bill Verity is a serial entrepreneur, having built and sold several successful businesses prior to his career in truck vision, sensor and safety.  He was instrumental in building Zone Defense into what it was.  His experience includes building underwater cameras, powerline carrier technologies and designs for customer vision and sensor applications.  Bill is responsible for driving technical developments, custom designs and collaborating worldwide to bring the best to Verity customers.


Marcos Cordoba started as shipping manager and arrived with a thirst for knowledge.  He quickly turned that into a passion for Verity products and was prompted to Product Manager.  Marcos excels in creating collaboration between customers and the company to effectively meet their needs. He combines new technology and data to execute a successful product vision that aligns with Verity's objectives. Marcos consistently steers all products toward success, focusing on user experience and maintaining a customer-centric approach.

Ellen is our "boots on the ground".  Her experience in factory operations is key to ensuring our quality and production standards are achieved.

There is a small sign on the wall between R&D and the warehouse that sums up our core:

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