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MK07B  7" Buttonless Monitor
For Rental Fleets or for
when the image should be displayed ONLY when the truck is in reverse, or the monitor needs to be on continuously

Verity Buttonless Trruck Monitor.jpg


(Monitor part #MK07B) 7” LED-backlit LCD panel for longer life and high resolution. 

  • 1 Camera input (video) with monitor activation trigger wire. 

  • The auto-dimming monitor screen and remote-controlled menu options are designed for commercial use.  Ideal for unstable cab light; works steady in situations like tree-covered roads or city blocks.

  • The very high contrast level of 500:1, made more advanced with a Brightness level of 450 cd/m2 

  • A heavy-duty, removable sun shield is strong enough to hold our aftermarket sensor display. 

  • Power supply rating: 12V~24 V DC with reverse polarity protection.  Verity does not overinflate our ratings.  When we QC each production run, we test this system from 8 v. to 34 v.

  • The system format is NTSC/PAL/AUTO allowing for domestic and export use. 

  • Easy to use the On-Screen menu helping to prevent improper adjustment of functions. 

  • Back-up guidelines can be on/off and can also be adjusted to match the truck. 

  • Multi-languages inducing, Spanish and French.

  • The image can flip horizontally (mirrored/unmirrored) or vertically.

  • Operation temperatures: -20°~70°C

  • Storage temperature: -30°~80°C

  • Remote 

This is part of the “J” Series that has had a 0.022% issue rate

over the past 10 years combined.
Backed by our 24/7 tech support for fleets and OEMs

SM07B Backup lines.jpg
  • Adjustable backup lines both vertically and horizontally to match your vehicle.

  • Monitors will self-diagnose certain problems.

ADD22H stamped 2.png

Wiring Diagram

What is included in monitor kit:

Commercial Grade - We mean that - 7" buttonless monitor, 6-pin to 4-pin Male power harness, sunshield, and manual.​

Camera options to fit your needs!


C001S Camera Verity Rear Vision.jpg

C001S:  Our Commodity Priced - yet commercial grade camera.

C001J:  One of our longest-running cameras

C001J Verity RVS .jpg

Optional Camera Cover for our C001S & C001J cameras

Optional Wide-angle Cameras

C305 Wide-angle Camera Verity Rear Vision.jpg

C305: 180 horizontal degree camera. Without the usual fish-eye distortion. Shows not only behind the truck but also shows what you are turning into. Also, a great camera to tie into recording devices.  


Great Risk Management product:

  • Reduces rear corner damage by showing what the truck is turning into.

  • No exterior mounting bracket which reduces theft and damage.

  • No exposed cables which reduces damage to cable and water penetration via the cable.


The two images below compare a standard rear camera image (top) to our new, no fish-eye camera image at a height of 109 inches. 

Note: Images were taken on our REVEAL MDVR at high compression.

C305 Camera wide view.jpg

The image to the left was taken using our Reveal® MDRV on the high-compression setting.  Camera was 109 inches high and pointing down.

2021-04-27 14-45-15_1.jpg

The image to the left was taken using a standard backup camera. Also at a height of 109 inches high and pointing down.

#05 Feild of view.jpg

Looking down on the image above to show what the camera displays.

Call for Pricing on complete systems.

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