Standard & Specialty

Part # CBP7M (male) Cable Pull (shown below)
Works on "J" & "S" series systems
Our tool made in our facility.  Because Verity installs our systems on our test fleet (Midwest Foodbank), we made this cable to make installs quicker and protect the cable ends.  OEMs with our E.R.P.P. Emergency Replacement Parts Program are supplied some in that kit at no charge.

Part # CBP7F (female) Cable Pull
Works on "S" series systems

Part # CB125 Cable
Our exclusive 5-pin to 4-pin conversion cable. We are the only company that makes this with the 5th pin mirror/un-mirror activation jumper. It allows you to trigger the mirror function on older 5-pin systems.


Standard Camera Extension Cables all are 4-pin Aviation and have a waterproof rubber boot to cover the connection.

All Verity Camera systems use either the "S"/"J" (Female/Female) or "C" (Female/Male).  These cables are not exclusive to the "J" & "C" systems.

S & J-Series Camera Extension Cables
4-Pin female/female

CB011:     1 meter (  3’) 4-pin camera cable
CB006:     5 meter (15’) 4-pin camera cable
CB012:   10 meter (33’) 4-pin camera cable
CB018:   15 meter (49’) 4-pin camera cable

CB021:   20 meter (65’) 4-pin camera cable

 (*special order/custom sizes available)

J-Series Monitor Harness

CB400J: Replacement Monitor to Camera Cable Harness

C-Series Camera Extension Cables
4-Pin male/female

CB001:     1 meter (  3’) 4-pin camera cable
CB005:     5 meter (15’) 4-pin camera cable
CB010:   10 meter (33’) 4-pin camera cable
CB015:   15 meter (49’) 4-pin camera cable

CB020:   20 meter (65’) 4-pin camera cable

 (*special order/custom sizes available)

C-Series Monitor Harness

CB400C: Replacement Monitor to Camera Cable Harness


CB007:  13-pin Male to Female, 5m Camera Cable (monitor extension for Semis)

CB101:  BNC (video) RCA (audio) Barrel (power) to 4-pin camera cable 1m.

CB201:  BNC to 4-pin camera cable 20m.

Often used to tie into fire/rescue head units

CB111:  4-pin female camera cable/RCA male

CB116: 4-pin male to 2 RCA female camera converter cable with power.

CB117:  Y- Splitter Cable
1 male 4-pin / 2 female 4-pin

CB118:  Y- Splitter Cable
1 female 4-pin / 2 male 4-pin

CB119:   6" (15cm) 4-pin male to 4-pin male conversion cable

CB121:  (1) set of Male & Female 5.5 x 2.1mm                  DC Power Socket Jack Plug                                Connector, 12V EF

CB124:   6" 4-pin female to 4-pin female conversion cable


Does Verity make specialty cables to meet my OEM needs?


Trailer Kits For RV and Semis

Check out Reveal for more information and options.

CBK202:   Coil Cable Kit Complete 1-Camera

Visit REVEAL Semi Truck Parts for more information and truck layouts

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