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SMI5 5" "S" Series
Designed for Forklifts &
Industrial Applications


Also, available with a waterproof monitor for outdoor use. 
Call for details.  574-807-6002


(Monitor part #MK05S)
Screen size: 5-inch digital screen (16:9)
High Resolution: 800 × 480 Pixel (RGB)
System: PAL/NTSC selectable
Contrast:  400:1
Brightness: 450 cd/m2
Power supply: DC 12V~24V with reverse polarity protection
Operation temperature: -30
Storage temperature: -20
Monitor view angle: Horz. L(70) R(70)   Vert. UP(50) DOWN(70)

3 AV with shrink tube labeled trigger wires,

Auto blue screen if no signal on the activated channel.

Size: 5 1/2”  (H) 5 5/8”  (W)  2 3/8” (D)
Weight: 14.7 oz

Features: Removable HD sunshade,  LCD screen, LED blue light buttons, high-quality processor, in-line waterproof fuse, easy to use OSD menu function via buttons: reversing image delay time 0~10s,  Mirror/Normal image, plus horizontal flip, multi-language, speaker.  

SM05S Monitor Dimensions.jpg

Monitor Measurements

SM05S Monitor Side Dimensions.jpg
C300P Legal Vision Camera Verity Raer Vi

Our 193 Degree Legal Vision Camera 


  • Our secret is in our image processing system which crops out the “fish eye” look and provides a crisp clear image. 

  • The resulting image surpasses the requirements of the new Backup Camera Law - even from heights as low as 32 inches off the ground! 

  • Our technology will work on normal box truck heights with the least distortion to the image.

NO Audio

Horizontal Resolution: 700 TV Lines

Effective Pixel: 510 x 492

Illumination: 1.5 Lux

Viewing Angle: 193°

Waterproof: IP69K

Shockproof: 10G

Operating Temperature: -40°~70°C

Power Supply: DC 12V (powered by monitor)

Optional Add-On: ADD300Z cast aluminum camera cover

The camera housing ball of our C300P camera provides "Witness Marks" to aid your testing and certifications. Set each camera to the same mark,install in the exact same spot on each truck saving testing time.

Verity Rear Vision C300P adjustment mark
C300P Legal Vision Dimensions Verity Rea

Optional ADD300Z polished cast aluminum camera cover
for those cameras that are exposed to damage.

C330P ForkLift Over Mount Verity Rear Vi
C330P ForkLift Over Mount Verity Rear Vi

OEMs & Fleets call and see what we can save you!

Below images were taken with cell phone off our SM05S monitor. 
Images much clearer in real life.  Taken from height of 5 feet.

Forklift Standar Camera W.jpg

Standard 140-degree 
diagonal angle camera

5 in for lift comparison w.jpg

Our C300P 193-degree 
horizontal angle camera

Click on chart below to download

Toy plastic forklift hold block Y to com
Sm05S manual icon.JPG

Online View


Components in SMI5 System

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