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ADD64S Forward Facing Sensor System

ADD64S Complete System HD .jpg

The Verity Forward Facing Sensor System adds another level of information in situations when it is difficult to see what is right in front of the truck.

4 Self-Calibrating (no control box necessary), IP69 Waterproof, audible (1 buzzer) Sensors

Install:  Heavy Duty, Snap-In for quick installation

Sensor size:  45mm

Sensor color:  Black

Rated Voltage Range:  9V ~ 16V

Operating Temperature:  -40ºC ~ +85º C

Detection Ranges: 0 - 1200±50mm

Working technology:  Ultrasonic 58KHz

All necessary cables/harnesses included

Wiring Diagram


ADD64S Verity Rear Vision Systems Forwar
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