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Verity Rear Vision Systems has built a reputation on the quality of our products and our commitment to customer success long after sales are made.   We welcome the opportunity to build on that reputation by earning your business and trust. 


Verity Rear Vision makes its home in Mishawaka, Indiana.  This provides a central location from which to serve our customers throughout North America.

Verity Rear Vision Systems is a "boutique" organization, serving the large needs of select customers with common or custom needs.  When the world's largest manufacturer of fire trucks needed a waterproof monitor, they came to us.  When a leading box truck manufacturer needed an authority in the very specialized market of camera systems, they turned to us.


We answer our phones. We work to build a first name relationship with customer staff.  We continually strive to earn and keep your trust.

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Beth Ann Verity, brings to Verity 25 years of management in manufacturing and distribution in machining and assemblies.  Under Beth Ann's leadership, Verity has never missed an order shipment in over ten years.  Verity® Rear Vision Systems has been certified by the State of Indiana as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise since 2017. 

Bill Verity is a serial entrepreneur, having built and sold several successful businesses prior to his career in truck vision, sensor and safety.  He was instrumental in building Zone Defense into what it was.  His experience includes building underwater cameras, powerline carrier technologies and designs for customer vision and sensor applications.  Bill is responsible for driving technical developments, custom designs and collaborating worldwide to bring the best to Verity customers.


Marcos Cordoba started as shipping manager and arrived with a thirst for knowledge.  He quickly turned that into a passion for Verity products and was prompted to Product Manager.  Marcos excels in creating collaboration between customers and the company to effectively meet their needs. He combines new technology and data to execute a successful product vision that aligns with Verity's objectives. Marcos consistently steers all products toward success, focusing on user experience and maintaining a customer-centric approach.

Ellen  -  is our "boots on the ground".  Her experience in factory operations is key to ensuring our quality and production standards are achieved.


There is a small sign on the wall between R&D and the warehouse that sums up our core:

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