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New! Verity Exclusive

ADD63S components.jpg

2-Level Sensor System

New blue Truck right_edited.png
New blue Truck left.png

Designed specifically for commercial vehicles. The detection is highly accurate.

  • Easy-to-read obstacle location and distance to the obstacles.

  • Self-diagnosing system with LED display readouts.

  • Smart Sensors will learn to recognize most fixed obstacles on the truck near the sensors.

  • IP69K waterproof sensors with locking collar.

  • Only senses 12” over the truck reducing false readings.

  • Can be placed as low as 18” off the ground.

  • Patented display.

ADD63S System Components

Patented display designed for Verity

display clean.png

  • Easy-to-read obstacle location by seeing the LED light when turning green to red.

  • Built in Beep reminder when close to an obstacle.

  • Clear digit shows the distance to the obstacle measured in feet.

Easily-installed ECU


​Dip Switches allow for:

  • ​ECU to be mounted on the left or right side of the truck a

  • Lower-level sensors to be programmed to ignore items within 12"
    (bumper or step, handrails, etc to reduce the false reading).

Sensor Detection Range:

Updated detection range chart.png
2 level complete.jpg

Self-Diagnosing System Display:

Error sensor comands.png
Truck layout.jpg

Wiring Layout



Verity R&D team spent over 2 years on development and testing.

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