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C114M Low-profile rear camera
C112M Low-profile left camera C113M Low-profile right camera

This small, low-profile camera can be installed in tight spaces. It is mounted through a wall using a threaded post and a nut. The four-pin plug on the camera cable is smaller in diameter than the threaded post and can fit through the mounting hole for the camera. This camera can be ordered with optional back-up lines. It can also be used as a side camera when ordered in a left or right side configuration.

Camera specifications:

Aluminum housing
Image device  SONY® Color CCD
TV System: NTSC
Effective Pixel: 537 x 505
Waterproof IP68
Viewing angle 170°
Minimum Illumination: .1 lux
Operating temperature: -20°~75°C
Storage Temperature: -30°~85°C
Power: DC 12V
Can be ordered with optional parking lines


C114M Camera (Verity stamped) .jpg
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