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New! Verity Exclusive Technolgy

MKS7-7 Monitor
Auto Selects
AHD 1080P / 720P / CVBS Camera input.
AHD 1080P uses standard cables.

The MKS7-7:

  • Reduces the need for many SKUs.  

  • Can replace older monitor and auto formats to the camera in place.

  • Reduces the need for Delegate HD Cable, use the industry standard 4-pin connector

  • New OSD menu developed with AI technology.

  • It is made on the same production line with the industry's lowest issue rate.

  • Back by the excellent  Verity Support System

  • Draws only 0.053 A when ruining

Clean MIPIK07.png

Built to Verity standards, with tempered glass screen.  Lighter than a standard mirror monitor, making it ideal for windshield mount.  It boasts a newly designed OSD, not an improved older version.  Flat front gives a new look to monitors.


Screen size: 7-inch digital screen (16:9)

Signal Input: 3 CH AHD 1080P / 720P / CVBS

Audio Input: 2CH

High Resolution: 1200 x 1920 (RGB)

Contrast: 1200:1 (3 times greater than most)
Brightness: 450 cd/m2

Power supply: DC 9V~24V
Parasitic draw of 0.2 A
Operation draw with camera of 0.35 A

Operation temperatures: -10°~60°C 

Storage temperature: -30°~70°C

Remote Control: Yes

Shockproof: 4G
System: NTSC

smm07sb line drawing.png
ADD27J Verity mouunt W.jpg
ADD22H stamped 2.png
ADD25F stamped 022619.png
S Mount.jpg
ADD26F stamped 2.jpg
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