It is not the 2.4 GHZ or 5.4 GHZ system, or the newest and improved “Digital” system!
It is the first-ever, patent pending, wireless system to employ a WI-FI based towable solution designed by Verity Rear Vision Systems.  Years in development, in-field testing began in 2014 at a major RV OEM.

For the first time ever, you don’t need to hardwire and take up dash space to install a monitor.  View your camera on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and most mobile devices!

Advantages of the Verity Rear Vision Systems Wi-Fi System

Uses Android Technology-no monitor needed.   Image can be viewed with any android device.

Stable technology.  Not subject to interference like digital 2.4 and 5.4 ghz transmission systems.

Simple APP available at Google Store, ITunes, and online.            

Gives towable buyers more confidence to purchase larger vehicles.

No coil cable between truck/trailer and no wiring in the truck as needed in hardwired systems.

Simple install.  One power/ground connection. 

No monitors to install.

No time delay and heavy expense at PDI.

Major cost savings compared to other employed technologies.

All components use our standard 4-pin camera connection making the transmitter interchangeable with all VerityRVS products.  VerityRVS has used and will continue to use this industry standard plug configuration.  Thus, our components never become obsolete and are always employing the latest in technology.

System is designed with “plug & play” components

System # SWF1P
Item: Wi-Fi Rear View System

System Description: Wi-Fi transmitter system.  System contains, (1) IP 69 Wi-Fi Transmitter, (1) C300P Legal Vision Camera, 4-pin waterproof plug, (1) power plug cord, (1) manual and App via download.

C300P Legal Vision Camera


1. Camera Image Sensor: 1/4 inch CCD Sensor
2. Total Pixel: 726 X 560
3. Minimum Illumination: 1.5 lux
4. Iris Method: Auto Electronic Exposure Control
5. Distance: 100m (barrier-free)
6. TV Mode: NTSC
7. Display: LAN Peer to peer connection monitoring via Smart Phone/IPad  
   (IOS device or Android 2.2 or higher)
8. Image Compression: MJPEG
9. Frame Rate: 30fps
10. Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g//n
11. Client Software: Wi-Fi Camera / VerityRVS Wi-Fi
12. Waterproof level: IP69K Transmitter and camera
13. Language: English
14. Power supply: DC 12V
15. Working temperature: -10°C~65°C

Click for Manual and Layouts

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