Wide-angle camera information

New S-Series Key Systems:

S series: 
5" SM05S

7" SM07S

7" SMW7S with C300P wide-angle camera
7" Quad DVR 7" Quad Monitor with built-in DVR

Supports up to 256 GB SD Card 

265 page C300P IP test report

This is how we can defend our products in court

Verity stocks many different cables for different industries.

Part# CB125 converts most competitors' 5-pin to Verity systems

Have a truck with a 5-pin cable in it?

CB125 4Pin to 5Pin for all model years n

New! Part # CB125 Cable
Our exclusive 5-pin to 4-pin conversion cable. We are the only company that makes this with the 5th pin mirror/un-mirror activation jumper. It allows you to trigger the mirror function on older 5-pin systems.

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