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Reveal™ systems are designed specifically for split frame trucks.  Reveal™ is NOT just adding a coil cable to an existing “off the shelf system”.  It is a system designed to handle the vibrations, extended life expectancy, and adjustments to surrounding light.  The IR in the side cameras adjust when sliding in next to another truck and it has the fields of view needed for a 53-foot trailer (for which most side cameras are not designed).

Power management is the key to a successful tractor trailer system.   If power was a non-issue on semis, they would not install low-power sensors / indicator lights.  The VerityRVS systems will continue to see into the dark even when the lights are dimmed.  If a rear vision system is properly designed, power management is the responsibility of the monitor.  Some lesser quality systems use an additional external box attached to the monitor to perform the image management (triggering/ mirroring) and even power management tasks.   For what I hope are obvious reasons in real trucking, this type of low grade system was not even used as control groups during testing.  Cameras put a big demand for a stable power supply coming from the monitor.  In the picture to the right is Quin Morris (R&D) testing power drop interference on cables for pulling triple trailers. This was one of many tests which took over 3 days each to complete. Below we will demonstrate how the power in our
Reveal™ systems is designed to handle the demands of semi-trucks/ and triples.


Our simple test involves a Reveal™ System vs. a high-quality system.  The system we tested against was in the same end-user price bracket.  The test was performed using a digital power supply which provides a set amount of voltage and displays amperage draw on the input and a voltage gage on the outside after going through the monitor and 65’ of cable.

Performance Comparison as Complete System Wiring
(Includes monitor & monitor/camera harness
and 65” camera extension cable.)
Input exact power connected to monitor input
Input to camera read what the monitor is suppling to camera

Reveal (below): is the Reveal™ System

Control Group: Represents competitors brand within the same price range.  The complete group shown is the upper quality of the 5 systems we compared Reveal™ to.

Explanation of Test Readings Below
The power supply to the right supplies a metered voltage.
The Voltage meter to the left reads the monitor output to the camera.

Below is the second brand that we tested against.
12 volts in 10.52 out
It provided much less power than the one we used as our control group.

Below is the 5th brand that we tested against.
6 volts in 4 out

It was chosen because a competitor states it is the same as our product because it came from the same factory.  It is produced in the same factory, most likely by the same wokers who make ours.  However, we own production time. We dictate what goes in our systems.  We control and inspect lines during production.  We QC most items more than 3 times.

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