SM07B  7" Buttonless Monitor

For Rental Fleets or

When image should be displayed ONLY when the truck is in Reverse

Verity Buttonless Trruck Monitor.jpg


(Monitor part #MK07B) 7” LED-backlit LCD panel for longer life and high resolution. 

  • 1 Camera input (audio and video) with monitor activation trigger wire. 

  • The auto-dimming monitor screen and remote-controlled menu options are designed for commercial use.  Ideal for unstable cab light; works steady in situations like tree-covered roads or city blocks.

  • The very high contrast level of 500:1, made more advanced with a Brightness level of 450 cd/m2 

  • Heavy-duty, removable sun shield is strong enough to hold our aftermarket sensor display. 

  • Power supply rating: 12V~24 V DC with reverse polarity protection.  Verity does not overinflate our ratings.  When we QC each production run, we test this system from 8 v. to 34 v.

  • System format is NTSC/PAL/AUTO allowing for domestic and export use. 

  • Easy to use the On-Screen menu helping to prevent improper adjustment of functions. 

  • Back-up guidelines can be on/off and can also be adjusted to match the truck. 

  • Multi-languages inducing, Spanish and French.

  • The image can flip horizontally (mirrored/unmirrored) or vertically.

  • Operation temperatures: -20°~70°C

  • Storage temperature: -30°~80°C

  • Remote 

The “J” Series has had a 0.024% issue rate over the past 9 years combined.
Backed by our 24/7 tech support for fleets and OEMs

  • Adjustable backup lines both vertically and horizontally to match your vehicle.

  • Monitors will self-diagnose certain problems.

SM07B Backup lines.jpg

Camera options to fit your needs!


C001S Camera Verity Rear Vision.jpg

C001S:  Our Commodity Priced - yet commercial grade camera.

C001J:  One of our longest-running cameras

C001J Verity RVS .jpg

Optional Camera Cover for our C001S & C001J cameras

Optional Wide-angle Cameras

Verity C305 180 degree camera web.jpg

C305: 180 horizontal degree camera. Without the usual fish-eye distortion. Shows not only behind the truck but also shows what you are turning into. Also, a great camera to tie into recording devices.  


Great Risk Management product:

  • Reduces rear corner damage by showing what the truck is turning into.

  • No exterior mounting bracket which reduces theft and damage.

  • No exposed cables which reduces damage to cable and water penetration via the cable.


The two images below compare a standard rear camera image (top) to our new, no fish-eye camera image at a height of 109 inches. 

Note: Images were taken on our REVEAL MDVR at high compression.

C305 Camera wide view.jpg

The image to the left was taken using our Reveal® MDRV on the high-compression setting.  Camera was 109 inches high and pointing down.

2021-04-27 14-45-15_1.jpg

The image to the left was taken using a standard backup camera. Also at a height of 109 inches high and pointing down.

#05 Feild of view.jpg

Looking down on the image above to show what the camera displays.

Call for Pricing on complete systems.