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Verity's new "S" series

Ver.i.ty /ˈverədē/
1. the quality or state of being true, real, or correct
2. a true principle, statement, idea, etc; a truth or fact
The new "S" systems are quality, are true to drivers' needs, have our core principles built-in, and are backed by the name synonymous with true customer service.  This series is geared to the price-sensitive market. 

Call today to find out how your company or fleet can enjoy Major Savings, with a better product!  574-807-6002

What is in the name?

SM05S 5" "S" Series

SM05S 2 Monitor W.jpg

SM07S 7" "S" Series

SM07S  truck Screen W .jpg

Also included in the complete "S" Systems:

C001S Rearview Camera: mirrored, 17 IR night vision, IP68, 170º, color with protective UV paint.

C001S Camera Verity Rear Visionno cable
C001S Camera Verity Rear Vision.jpg
S Series Camera Cable.jpg

CB021 20m (65') 4-pin female to 4-pin femail waterproof camera extension cable.

S Mount.jpg
ADD21U Heavy duty fan base mount.

"S" Series

Durability:  designed for box trucks to heavy equipment  / 99.98 percent success rate over the past 8 years for Verity monitors and cameras.
Life Span:  designed for an 8-Year Life Span
Support: 24/7 live tech support, located in Mishawaka Indiana, plus lifetime tech support

Reduces liability

Price:  Designed to meet the demands with the highest quality.

Call and see what we can save you!


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