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“Don't find customers for your products,

find products for your customers.”

― Seth Godin

The following information, images, and inspection reports are for engineering
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 "How will we defend it in court"?

It is not just a sales line!

It is the cornerstone in Verity operations.

Clarification of "3rd-party inspections" falls into two main categories.


The first QC type is Third-Party Inspections that are performed at different stages of production and also includes operational inspections. The three types we employ mostly are: Factory Audit/Inspection, During Production Inspection (DPI), and Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI).

Factory Audits can uncover problems before production or order confirmation. We perform these periodically to ensure the facility, staff, and management can/are building up to the Verity product production standards.

·         Factory Profile (General Information)

·         Organization Structure

·         Production Process

·         Production Capacity

·         Facilities & Machinery

·         Quality assurance system & related certificates

·         R&D

·         Special Requirements from Client ​


During Production Inspection (DPI): inspections are used to check the product early in the production stage and make sure that the components and processes conform to the Verity standards.   This is also where we check production methods.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI): is the most effective inspection because it confirms the whole shipment's quality level. It normally requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 20 percent of the systems/components must be tested.  

The second way of testing is what we call "Tag and Bag".  This is an off-site test of the products.  Either myself via camera observation or JK (our version of MI6) arrives and takes a product and delivers it to a product 3rd-party certification lab.  The next section I have never had to use but have it pre-contracted if ever needed is a laboratory engineer may intervene on an issue if needed with a surprise visit for production, and product inspection.   This also includes IP certification.  We use 4 inspection teams for different reasons.

Ray and Bill NTEA.jpg

Bill and his team are always attending training and stay up-to-date on products and laws that affect us and our OEMs.  We also have a well-prepared R&D room/department for inbound shipment testing and examining warranty issues.  We are always trying to find ways of improvement. We have IP testing capabilties inhouse.

Example of our In House Testing Protocols


Trying to meet commodity pricing and still meet Verity Standards is challenging. We are working with a long term supplier to Bill Verity for over 15 years.  Let us just say it is now a multi-generational powerhouse of manufacturing.

Below is the 11/25/2019 inspection report on our
"S" Series factory.  The Score was B on a weighted inspection.  After 1 year of factory changes this factory rates A+

The "S" series did not develop overnight

"S" Series Camera IP Test

"S" Series High-demand Verity IP Test (video)

"S" Series production - we have access to Skype cameras in all areas of production

Our C300P Camera Test Report

Risk Management is just as important as Price Management

It only seems fitting to end on sharing the results of our pre-shipment inspection of the shipment of 4/2020. A 62-page report.

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