Verity Rear Vision Systems® introduces its Reveal™ line of systems for split frame trucks.   The Reveal™ system is much more than simply pairing a coil cable to an existing camera system (which never had good results).  The power handling has been redesigned in the Reveal™ monitors to perform better.   Even with a power drop as low as 6 volts DC, a Reveal™ monitor can still supply 13.5 volts to the cameras.  The coil cables have been modified to meet SAE standards and our improved locking collar has increased the waterproof (IP) rating.   (See the testing section for more details)

Day Cab Tractor & Refrigerator Trailer Parts Layouts.
Below are examples of layouts for Reveal products..
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Although most information here shows the C300P as a low mounted camera, it is also extremely well suited to be a high mounted camera.

SMW7J / SM07J / SM05J Day Cab Wiring

Trailer with C300P camera

Day Cab Tractor with Refrigerated Trailer

Choose our SMW7J -  a standard "J" system but with a C300P camera instead that can be mounted low as well as high.

Verity retrofit install kit for trucks and semis

Why a C300P low mount camera on refrigerated trailers?
Although most information here shows the C300P as a low mounted camera, it is also extremely well suited to be a high mounted camera.

There are many reasons that we have accumulated over the years for using low mounted cameras.  I will make the list a brief as possible. 

First and foremost is that with swing doors there is often little to no room above the doors to mount a camera.

Refrigeration warehouse dock curtains often tend to misalign cameras over time. The cameras also cause mirror rips in the curtains causing loss of cooling at the warehouse and cost of repairs.

  • No need to break the seal on a refrigerated trailer to pull cables

  • Headers are most often hardened steel requiring heavy-duty drills, many drill bits (even the good ones) adding hours to install.  The cables run on the bottom of the trailer; it makes sense to keep the camera there.

  • Often refrigerated day cabs are delivering to store locations, some without loading docks.  A low mounted C300P allows for 3 times the viewing area and is extremely helpful when performing jack-knife turns.

  • There are multiple low camera locations available.  Our years of experience and installer & driver feedback makes a low mount the best choice on refrigerated trailers.

Competitors do not have the C300P low mount solution
because it is exclusive to Verity

The below charts will enlarge by clicking on them.
These charts show the field of view comparison of the C300P to
a normal field of view camera.

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