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1.  New! REC02U (2020) SD Card MDVR
     5-channel Mobile DVR supports Dual
     128 GB SD Cards with RS232 & RS485

2. REC03 5-channel MDVR + GPS tracks speed & location

3. REC04 5-channel MDVR + GPS + 4G WiFi

This is the latest upgrade to our REC02U 4-Channel DVR which now supports 2-128 gig SD cards.  Our 2020 version has updated technology, RS232 & RS485, PTZ operations, metal connector tamper-resistant cover, optional LED control panel, better recording and compression, all with a price decrease.  

All PTZ Capabilities
via RS485 port and Pelco D protocol
Please call engineering for more details


Important note:

Verity matches our camera resolution to our DVRs to ensure the best recording possible.  Too many of our competitors base camera selection on the cheapest price and not what will help defend you in court.  Our DVRs are found on Federal Prison Transports, Fire / Rescue, Specialty Delivery vehicles, Box Trucks, and Marine applications. 

LED Panel & IR Extender

REC02U (2020) is a dual SD card hybrid HD MDVR with 4 channels of D1/960H/720P formats. Full video and audio recording/replay designed for commercial vehicles, maximum 4 channels of 960H, and 1 channel is IPC HD camera full-framed recording supported. The mobile MDVR adopts the latest ARM DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for a fast dual-core processor running on the Linux embedded OS.  It also integrates the most advanced H.264 video encoding/decoding in the IT industry. The REC02U features fail-safe protection, and a great power management platform. 


H.264 image compression encoding AHD 720P
4 channels of D1/960H/AHD 720P simultaneous audio and video recording/replaying
4- channel of 960H + 1- channel IPC 1080P HD camera full-framed recording
Air video interface is used to provide high reliability and strong anti-seismic property
8-second delay recording during power failure
Two SD cards supported 128 GB for each. 2 x 128GB = 256GB storage
Unique inputs: 1 RS485 interface, 2 RS232 interfaces
8V-36V wide voltage DC supply
High/low temperature resistant, operating under -25℃ / +70℃


Language:  English / Chinese
Operation Interface:  Graphical User Interface (OSD menu)
Two-Level Password Security:  Administrator or User


Video-Input:  Supports 4 channels CIF/HD1/D1/960H/720P camera video input
Supports 2-CH 720P AHD + 2-CH 960H analog mixing Video input
Supports 1-CH 720P/1080P IPC + 4-CH 960H/D1/CIF Video input

Note: 4 channels 720P AHD or 1-CH 720P/1080P IPC + 4-CH 960H Video input will require high speed SD card ( > 80Mb/S, Class 10 or higher)

Video Output 2 Channels: front panel 3.5mm Jack, 4-pin rear panel on 24 pin I/O Port.
Video Display:  Single picture, 1~5 pictures
Signal System:  PAL / NTSC - PAL@100 frame 720P/sec; NTSC@120 frame 720P/sec

Mirror / un-mirror independent option on channel 1-4. flip option on channels 1-2


Audio Input:  4 Channels
Audio Output:  2 Channels - Front Panel 3.5mm Jack, Rear Panel on 24 pin I/O Port Record Format: Synchronized A/V recording

Recording & Storage
Image Resolution:  CIF / HD1 / D1 / 960H / 720P
Video Coding:  ISO14496-10 Industry Standard
Video Bit Rate:  CIF (Common Intermediate Format):

1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps
HD1/D1: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps
960H:  2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps
720P: 4096Kbps ~ 400Kbps

Select from 8 Levels of video image quality ranging from 1(Highest) to 8 (Lowest)

Audio Bit Rate:  40Kbps
Storage:  2 SD Card Slots, Up to 128GB each, Class 10 or higher SD card required

Alarm Input:  8 Channels, select trigger for either less than 1VDC or greater than 5VDC
Alarm Output: 1 Channel, 12V output

Communication Ports
RS485:  1 Port for communication or data usage
RS232:  2 Ports for communication or data usage
RJ45 Network:  1 Port of RJ45, for connection to an IP camera with a maximum of 1080P

PC Playback A/V, files available for playback on PC. Limited playback is also available on MDVR

Software Upgrade: via SD card

Voltage Input: +8V~+36V   8~36VDC P
Voltage Output: 12V (+/-0.2V) , Max 3A
Video Output Voltage: 2VP-P CVBS output analog signal, screen input requires 75Ω resistance


Operational Temperature

-25℃~75℃  Install in a well-ventilated area, protected from moisture, heat, dust, and vibration


170 x 142 x 50mm including security cover 170x187x50mm

SD card to
USB adapters

Metal Connector Tamper-resistant Cover
Security cover helps prevent tampering or damage to the cable connection on the back of the MDVR.

What is Included

Sturdy IR remote with powerful range. Easy to use OSM (on-screen menu).  Designed to complete tasks with a minimum of actions.  Programing has assist prompts.

Do you need to install the DVR behind a wall?  We offer an LED control panel and IR extender that also offers operational details of the DVR, See below.

LED Control Panel & IR Extender

PWR: Power light indicates when MDVR has power.

REC: Recording light indicates recording is functional.

HDD: Hard Disk Light indicates Hard Disk is functional  (This does not apply to DVRs that use SD cards.) 

ALM: Alarm Light indicates the following alarms: IO Linkage Alarm, Speed Alarm, G-sensor Alarm, Temperature Alarm, and HDD error alarm.

V-LOSS: Video lost light. 

ERP: Error light indicates functioning errors.

IR: Sensor for the MDVR Remote Control.

Quick Helpful Links

Setting your Time Zone

Formatting SD card

Vinyl "Notice" sticker included

Feature-packed Video Player 


More than a snapshot of time.  It includes data gathered from standard features, Time, Truck #, Driver, Temperature at DVR location

REC03 w/ GPS

Includes exact location and speed.


 Saves the .AVI file as an MP4 file, for emailing, moving to another device, archiving.

Request a printable copy of the REC02U Manuals

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