Quality Control

Quality Control is at the core of

what we do at Verity Rear Vision


The quality of the product we send to OEMs has a significant impact on their bottom line. High quality designed and manufactured products eliminate the need for costly repairs or callbacks, and builds trust and respect with the OEM installers and their end customers.  Products built to high standards differentiate us from our competitors.  There are few "Add-ons" that have an impact on a box truck experience to the end-user.  When it comes to rear vision systems, you need a company that has the best reputation and is above all others.  Our customer's reputations hinge on these high-quality Add-ons that can make the difference in which builder a fleet chooses.

By the following processes,
we don't manage risk...

we eliminate it.

We don't buy off the shelf and put our logo on it.  
We don't have a phone number and mailbox and say it is our Asian location. 
We don't buy complete systems from one factory for ease of product turn over.
We don't count on our factories to be the sole source of QC (Old fox watching hen house thing).
We don't stop improving a system, even if it is a good seller.

We don't settle for good enough......"Good enough" will never be good enough at Verity.
We don't pay for reviews.
We  don't cater to the after-market with pricing that competes with OEMs.
We don't stop supporting our products once the warranty runs out.

So what makes us unique??

Bill Verity and his R&D team are part of a group of global engineers who pool resources to develop products.  This statement is often challenged by our competitors.  Below is the geographic coverage map of our R&D web portal (countries in green). This portal is not open to the public.

The R&D team works to develop Global products to operate in the North American environment, meet DOT and NHTSA regulations, and comply with FCC regulations.  It is very time and energy-consuming, however, we bring new technologies to market without extensive development costs.  An example would be when Daewoo Electronics wanted to improve their 360-view system they worked with us as we developed their products at places like Pierce/Oshkosh.  It is very rewarding when we develop or add a missing piece to make a non-working product work (e.g., our SM07F).  This also allows us to bring many minds to the task to develop new products for our OEMs.


We work lean and mean.  Most people on our payroll work from their needed locations, be it here at our Mishawaka location, or at satellite locations such as Guangdong, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and many more. 

Beth Ann Verity is our "100%,100% of the time" reminder.

"We will not bring to market any component that we cannot defend in court."

QC starts with laying the foundation in the Purchase Order

QC tasks during production

Inbound Shipment QC Tests
The following is an exclusive part of Verity's Service and a
the reason why we have the lowest issue rate in the industry.


We do Pre-Shipment Inspections which result in 60 + page reports.
These are surprise visits - with no notice.
It is time-consuming and costly, however, it is how we work with
our factories to ensure 100% quality.

Our Factory Testing
of the S, J, & C Series

Our Factory Testing
the J & C Series


A 2 a.m. Skype production line monitoring session & normal QC testing being performed.


Monitoring Standard QC testing.  

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