Needed Materials

The following are shared under NDA.  There is much terminology that has been written by our legal team.

Manuals are in color

Manuals can be printed in Black and White colors

The zip files are in Word.

The manuals below were updated and are good as of 10/20 

Only one change to labels and it is one we made.

Please change label to this

installtion lable.JPG
installer lable.jpg


ALL Verity system cases have Verity style content labels printed on them.  These help the OEMs know what they have in inventory.  It also helps the production workers grab the right size they need.


The labels help the workers from picking the wrong system to put on trucks.  There are often 6 different camera suppliers used by the OEM.  These simple labels help us stand out.   It helps us sell more systems also.

Below Carton - Case printing on the box

Case logo.JPG

This allows us to use one box for both size systems.

We put a checkmark on what size is in the case.  

Box checked.jpg

This only needs to be on one long side & one short side of the box.

Long side box showing.JPG
Short side box showing.JPG
Center on box.jpg

Can you center the printing on the box?
Mixed cases please mark "mixed case" with a marker.

System Boxes in Gloss finish. 
To have a serial number sticker in the space provided.



SM05S (5 inch) box label covers over the (7") on the box front

Box Front.JPG
Box Front 5in with 7in covered by 5 in l
5 in box.jpg

SM07S (7 inch)  box label covers over the (5") on the box front

Box Front.JPG
Box Front 7in with 5in covered by 7 in l

SM07S box  label covers the (5") on the box

7 in box.jpg

Important note: we do all our catalogs and banners for shows in .ai format. If you can do the boxes and needed artwork in .ai format, please let me know.  I can send as .png also.  You tell me how I can help you!

Format (below) for monitor and camera labels

Note Every PO provided has the serial numbers to be used on each order.

Lable layout for moniotrs.JPG
Lable layout for 5 inch moniotrs.JPG
Camera lable.JPG

4 Pin Connection Pinout

(industry standard)

Cable First Articles

Note: Everox's largely white  "O" allows for a better seal and they do not fall off during shipping.  Please include the larger o-ring on all cables ordered.

Cable O-Rings 5 2020 first article..jpg