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Our Legal Vision test center.  Where 56 different cameras from 3 countries (including the USA) were tested over the past year.  This was ground zero for meeting the FMVS111 requirements.   We would like to thank our OEMs who came to our facility and gave input, supplied trucks for testing, and helped design the Legal Vision camera which can be installed on your trucks now.

C300P Legal Vision Camera

Our 193 degree camera is the only solution that produces a field of view wider, deeper than other wide-angle rearview cameras.  Our secret is in our image processing system which crops out the “fish eye” look and provides a crisp clear image.  The resulting image surpasses the requirements of the new Backup Camera Law - even from heights as low as 32 inches off the ground!  Our technology will work on normal box truck heights with no distortion to the image.

NO Audio

Horizontal Resolution: 700 TV Lines

Effective Pixel: 510 x 492

Illumination: 1.5 Lux

Viewing Angle: 193°

Waterproof: IP69

Shockproof: 10G

Operating Temperature: -40°~70°C

Power Supply: DC 12V (powered by monitor)

The ball of our C300P camera provides "Witness Marks" to aid your testing and certifications.  Set each camera to the same mark, install in the exact same spot on each truck saving testing time.

New low cost option: ADD300Z cast, polished aluminum camera cover

Both  camera and cover come with gaskets to protect the finish of the truck.


5 inches is the actual screen size!
Takes up 34% less viewing space than conventional 5” monitors

Do I have to use this monitor with the C300P camera?  No, you may use any Verity Monitor with the Legal Vision camera.  In fact, almost all of our cameras and monitors can be used to customize a system to meet specific needs and wants.  Legal Vision was designed for small cab / dash space on the "under 10,000 GVW" vehicles.

LV5EP now includes our new ADD25F heavy duty mount.

Also included is the 20m camera extension cable.  Yes, we can switch it out for shorter standard lengths (5m, 10m, or 15m) at no additional charge.




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