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 C002S "S" Series Rear Shutter Camera
LDV Part# 1927218

Backup Camera High Definition with 500 TV lines.  Aluminum Shell with 12 Ultra Bright IR LEDs for night vision.  100% waterproof with an IP68 and 10G rating.  This camera is a proven product that will withstand the test of time.  Powder coating style finish.


(Camera Part #C002S)
Auto Shutter 

Horizontal Resolution: 500 TV Lines

TV System: NTSC

Image Type: 1/3 Inch Color CCD Sharp® (or equivalent)

(no cheap off brands used)

Effective Pixel: 510 x 420

Illumination: 0 Lux (built-in 12 high output IR LEDs for night vision)

Aluminum Housing


Power Supply: DC 12V (powered from the monitor)

Shockproof: 10G

Operating Temperature: -40°~70°C

Built-in Microphone

Viewing Angle: 120°