Provehat Aura
1984 Hunter 34 for sale


Slip at Harbor Shores Inns & Spa included in price for the 2019 season!  Provehat Aura: excellent condition for a 1984 sailboat. Fore and aft cabins with doors making her great for a family.  This boat did not happen upon us, being experienced sailors, we wanted the age range and model.   A boat that could easily be handled by 2 with all lines running into the cockpit.  A boat that would keep us safe when the lake turns ugly (we all know that does not happen).  A boat we could overnight on in port or on trips.  Something with AC for the over nights and quick cool down after sailing in the heat.  Refrigeration so cold foods can be kept on board.  Great water system for showering on board.  A boat rigged for safety. One roomy enough for 3 couples very comfortably.  Automatic steering for ease when single-handed steering or entertaining.  A dependable boat we could invest in and have for a long-time.  Now for the good stuff!  She has 2 easy to use reef points and roller furling on the Genoa, allowing her to adapt to wind conditions.  Her roller furling and Lazy jacks make her easy to drop sails.  She points extremely high.  With all those features she is a BLAST TO SAIL!  She even moves well in light night winds for evening sails.  My wife and I own a corporation and have a sailing machine with all the comforts of an on-water cabin.  She has all the standards of a Hunter 34 with modern upgrades.  Wall carpet has been replaced in both cabins.  Nothing says old boat then that old molded boat smell.  (When we started our retrofit, we bleached, and power washed anything we could reach).   It’s like having a completely remolded house right down to the new wall paint.   Relax just kidding about the wall paint, it is 3 coats of Sickens exterior stain varnish.  Doing my maintenance free teak dance…. Most wiring updated down to new lights, wall outlets (one with built in USB phone charger in V-berth).  Inside cushions covered in light blue vinyl done just before we purchased the boat 2 years ago.  The aft cabin mattress is a high-grade RV mattress cut down for a custom fit and never has had sails put on it; or wet rain slickers etc.  It sleeps well and smells fresh.  Yes, she is older, but she is very well loved by skilled owners and this boat was our 3rd large-scale retro fit and was to be our last and final sailboat.  We are also smart enough to let the pros do the work that needed certified Yammer specialists to be done.   Pier 1000 installed a new propeller shaft (not a reconditioned one), propeller reconditioning, cutlass bearing, and motor realignment last summer (over $2,500).  We were on-the-hards doing repairs most of August 2018.  Torresen Marine Inc put in a new coolant water pump and all associated items like thermostats and temperature sensors.  All water pump impellers were replaced, and she was given a full engine servicing.  Guessing 10 hours on engine from overhaul.  8 hours on new transmission and shaft repair.   We also had major engine parts replaced with new that may have caused an issue down the road.   2 new starting batteries last year for peace of mind. All her running rigging was new last spring and removed for winter storage.  Took about 1 hour to hang all the rope this spring without any stress.  The running rigging was just under $2,000.  Sadly, we need to sell her due to medical issues that demand a change in water sports; she must go.  We really strived to make the boat so we could just enjoy her worry free.  Basically, you are paying for the boat and parts – our labor for the past two years is free. THIS is truly a bring your towels, put your food into the cold refrigerator and start the season!

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