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E.R.P.P. Kits

Emergency Replacement Parts Program or ERPP: Verity offers an ERPP kit to our OEMs and large Fleets to address install mishaps that might happen.  In this program, we supply OEMs with emergency/replacement parts to prevent installation line stoppage and/or overnight shipping charges.  The items are supplied at no initial charge to you, we just ask that you purchase a replacement when an item from the ERPP kit is used.

Broken camera web.jpg

The E.R.P.P. kits is the answer when a line worker says, this is the part the forklift drove over.  With the E.R.P.P. kit, production keeps on moving without any stoppage.  It minimizes time spent on damaged parts. 

Part # CBP7M (male) Cable Pull (shown below)
Works on "S" & "J" series systems
These are our tools made in our facility.  Because Verity installs our systems on our test fleet (Midwest Food Bank), we made this cable to make installs quicker and protect the cable ends.  OEMs with our E.R.P.P. Emergency Replacement Parts Program some are supplied in that kit at no charge.

Part # CBP7F (female) Cable Pull
Works on "C" series systems

BP7F setupjpg.jpg
hand_holding_wrench_with_sign_21562 (1).

Sample of a E.R.P.P. Emergency Replacement Parts Program Kit

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