ADD61S Hitch Hiker  Sensor System


What is it?
All Verity Hitch Hiker™ systems use
Carrier Wave technology.
No extra cables are required; the existing wiring in your vehicle is sufficient.

car·ri·er wave noun

a high-frequency electromagnetic wave modulated in amplitude or frequency to convey a signal. (Not wireless, innovative technology

OK Carrier What? 
Sounds like same old stuff with some new wave name. I can't waste my time on new technologies that don't work!
Carrier wave technologies are new.  They are advance way of transmitting signals down existing power wires. Bill Verity introduced a similar technology in 2000 for video.   This Carrier wave is new technology that has been beta tested  on  5000+ trucks in Europe for years.  Bill's team is the experts on this technology.  
Install sensors on the rear bumper – Place the read-out on the dashboard.  Connect the sensor CPU to your rear Brake light
 Install a second set of sensors on the bumper of your trailer.  When the trailer is connected, vehicle sensors turn off automatically and trailer sensors turn on.

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