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New C305 180-degree Horizontal View Camera

This wide view (non-fish-eye) camera shows what you are turning into, not just what is behind your truck.  

The wide vertical angle view shows the rear deck and above your roofline.  We believe in seeing what you might hit is a much better view than only seeing what you just hit.  

This camera is part of our ADD80 add-a-camera-only kit we use when pairing to a Samsara system.  It provides a complete image for documentation.  This is one of our rear/side/forward-facing cameras. 

C210HD - High Definition Dome Camera

for our REVEAL MDVRs

The C210HD can be integrated into 2 channels of the Reveal MDVRs.  It offers high output night vision and is perfect for recording inside of a mobile showroom or a delicate load.

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Reveal Truck DVRs

Have Been Redesigned

Covid19: Verity is open and in full operations.

Note change to operations:

  • All who enter will have a temperature check.

  • All will wash their hands after entering the buildings.

  • Face masks ARE REQUIRED in all common areas.

  • You must report to management any symptoms you may have.

  • All inbound shipments must go to the shipping dock. 

Commodity Priced "S" Series
1-year of sales and growing!

SM07S Verity Rear Vision
SM07S Verity Rear Vision

SM07S Verity Rear Vision
SM07S Verity Rear Vision


Have a truck with a 5-pin cable in it?

CB125 4Pin to 5Pin for all model years n

Part # CB125 Cable
Our exclusive 5-pin to 4-pin conversion cable. We are the only company that makes this with the 5th pin mirror/un-mirror activation jumper. It allows you to trigger the mirror function on older 5-pin systems.


"Beth And Bill,
I am very humbled by your generosity and commitment to providing us with this state of the art equipment for our fleet.  It was great getting to know Bill and see how God has blessed you both with a thriving company."


John Whitaker
Executive Director
Midwest Food Bank

Beth Ann

“It has been a great pleasure working with you and thank you for everything…”

Helene H.

Verity completes 171 in-field nationwide install project!

 “Thanks for the effort… you are a rare one to offer
such good customer service.  It will not be forgotten.”

David M., Penske

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Because we work with commercial trucking, Social  Media Likes are not
what we strive for;
although, we have always had an A+ 5-Star BBB rating.
0.024 percent issue rate includes ALL  cameras and monitors spanning the past 8 years.