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SM07S 7" "S" Series - 3 Camera

LDV part # 19270214

Latest Technologies

Night Vision Camera

Waterproof Camera 



(Monitor part #MK07S)
Screen size: 7-inch digital screen (16:9)
High Resolution: 1024 × 600 Pixel (RGB)
System: PAL/NTSC selectable
Contrast:  400:1
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Power supply: DC 12V~24V with reverse polarity protection
Operation temperature: -30
Storage temperature: -20
Monitor view angle: Horz. L(70) R(70)   Vert. UP(50) DOWN(70)

3 camera with shrink tube labeled trigger wires,

Auto blue screen if no signal on the activated channel.

Size: 141 x 103 x 25 mm.  

Weight: 418 g.

Features: Removable HD sunshade,  LCD screen, LED blue light buttons, high-quality processor, in-line waterproof fuse, easy to use OSD menu function via buttons: reversing image delay time 0~10s,  Mirror/Normal image, plus horizontal flip, multi-language.  

Monitor Measurements


(Camera Part #C001S)

Horizontal Resolution: 600 TV Lines

TV System: NTSC

Image Type: 1/3 Inch Color CCD Sharp® (or equivalent)

(no cheap off brands used)

Effective Pixel: 510 x 492

Illumination: 0 Lux (built-in 17 high output IR LEDs for night vision)

Aluminum Housing

Waterproof: IP69K (IP68K with microphone)

Power Supply: DC 12V (powered from the monitor)

Shockproof: 10G

Operating Temperature: -40°~70°C

Built-in Microphone

Viewing Angle: 140°

Camera Specs


(Camera Part #C115)

  • Waterproof: IP68

  • Viewing angle: 120°

  • IR Night Vision

  • NTSC Format 

  • Resolution: 800TV Lines

  • Pixels: NTSC 720H x 480V

  • Power Supply: DC 12V (powered by the monitor)  

  • Weight: Approx. 90g

  • Power consumption: 60~110mA

Mount Upgrades

SM07S icon.JPG

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Part # 19270214
Wiring Diagram

Key Components

C001S Rear Camera
CB021 20M. FM FM
C115 Side Camera
C115 Side camera
CB012 10m Camera Cable fm fm
CB012 10m Camera Cable fm fm
S Series Mount
Monitor Cable
Cam Gasket/Wrench
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